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Epicurean World offers innovative culinary services to help companies maximize their potential and capitalize on their opportunities. Founded by Chef Devagi Sanmugam, cookbook author, food columnist, cooking instructor and professional bon vivant, Epicurean World has unmatchable experience and unparalleled expertise in the World of Food. Boasting a full range of individually tailored services together with their passion and commitment to their clients, Epicurean World brings gourmet to new heights.

With more than 25 years of experience contributing to our in-depth knowledge of the culinary industry, Epicurean World is uniquely positioned as a strong partner for any food-related business.

Celebrity Chef Devagi Sanmugam, says: “Epicurean World is a food consultancy business that combines the expert knowledge of gourmet cuisine with cooking classes, culinary team building events, restaurant consultancy, menu and recipe development services, training programs for chefs, private chef and private dining services, cookbooks and recipe booklet content development services and many other culinary services.”

Fried Rice with Green Sambal

New, Exciting recipes

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It’s a Devagi!!!

We have launched the Devagi range of products recently.  Visit  http://www.devagi.com



Devagi at Singapore Art Museum

Look out for Chef Devagi’s version of the Belacan Chicken! We are expecting the aroma of the fried chicken to waft out into every breathing space in that area and hope that it will trigger your taste buds to bring you running to our booth.


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Add Colours to your Diet

The health authorities recommend that you should eat at least five to nine servings of vegetables and fruits a day! As far as possible, eat vegetables and fruits of a variety of different colours. Different coloured vegetables and fruits have different nutrients that you will need for your good health.



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    • These guys in bicycle rickshaw hang around the markets of Hyderabad. They help carry the loads of shopping that people do at the market.  I know it takes lots of strength to pedal these rickety things out of a complete stop, especially considering that the driver is usually not very big or strong due to the difficulty of his job and lifestyle. There is also a never-ending stream of unavoidable potholes, protruding manhole covers and random debris that the driver must navigate so that we reach our destination!
#bicycle #rickshaws #Hyderabad #drivers #sg50 #careers
    • Dosakkai is a yellow cucumber available in some parts of India and this photo was taken in Hyderabad. These fruits are generally spherical in shape and commonly cooked as curry, added to soups, dhal and also in making pickle) and chutney.  It is also grown and available in Central California. #sg50 #vegetables #nutrition #pickle  #chutney #cucumber #Hyderabad
    • #Thai red ruby #dessert in #coconut - from #Taj Vivanta, Hyderabad
    • It's Andhra lunch at Spice Junxion, Taj Deccan Hotel. #Taj #tajhotel #Hyderabad #India #tiffin #Devagi
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